All Essential Tips to Make the Best scroll saw patterns

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Scroll Saw Patterns

A proper scroll saw patterns must easy any intricate or straightforward shape. If the pattern is well prepared, you can carry through the stuff as you wish. Since the works of scroll saw done act according to a design, the best quality depends on a good making pattern. If you are a crafts lover and have enough leisure time to spend on a great form that is easy but awesome, right now can take a pattern and start your passion. 

You can make a pattern with your self-thoughts by sketching. For making a good pattern, we will follow a few critical steps that are no way from drawing back. In this lesson, we will touch on the stuff of, from where we collect patterns? How to make a design into a pattern outline? How to set the pattern on the object? And how to prepare to cut? No more talks lets do the job.

From Where We Collect Patterns?

Don’t worry; there are available sources on online to find out your desired pattern or design for your lovely scroll saw. I am mentioning some reliable sources which will allow you to collect the desired shape.

The Address for Buying Patterns

Here are two sites which provide fantastic scroll saw patterns. 

From those mentioned addresses you can buy your favourite design to set on the wood or metal. They will deliver you jpeg or png file. Download that file and print out as your required size. If you like to make a large size print, at first notice to the regulation of the image and make sure to choose the large size image, then you will be able to extend that.

Free Pattern Source

If you don’t want to take the image with costing, no problem I am giving you a few free sources. Following that sources you can download some fantastic patterns freely, those are looking so good. 

If those are a difficulty for you, then you can fall back upon Google. Type on the google searching bar with the desired word, like I am typing “scroll saw wonderful pattern”, but you will search according to your requirement. While hunting with the keyword, don’t forget to select Image option under the searching bar. Now choose the best one from gathering plenty of patterns and save it. 

Own Creation Pattern

If you can’t choose any pattern from online resources then don’t worry, you can make a design by touching a pencil on paper. If you are disabled to art a shape it’s OK, just higher a painter and make him understand about your requirement. I will discuss in another page about how to make a pattern from an image.


How to Set the Pattern on the Object?

It’s a significant part of going through a scroll saw project. There are many ways to set a pattern on an object. Now we will touch that step by step.

  • Using Spray Gum: Take your printed pattern paper and reverse it to spray gum on that. You need a board with perforating string or pin densely. Keep the drawing on the board. Now spray but not more because if your drawing paper is thin, then it will be spoiled on account of over gum throwing.
  • Liquid Gum: You can use paper pasting gum on the pattern. There is another option if you choose that taking a little woodworking glue, mix water quantitatively to get roughly liquid because if you use direct wood glue then after executing cuts, you can’t pluck the pattern from the workpiece.
  • One Side Tape: Why you should use onside tape? If you exercise glue pasted pattern paper on stuff then non-removable spot and it may spoil the object. One side tape calling forth on the object is the batter solution for pasting pattern than other methods. Apply tape playing thing cards well now affix the glue pasted pattern on the tape used matter.
  • Both Side Tape: Referred among all methods this is the best job to utilize both side tape. Your stuff will be well, and pattern also is fixed correctly after implementing your job removing the excessive portion will be comfortable and will get fresh stuff.

How to Prepare to Cut?

Your most important works are already done now you have to prepare the matter to cut. You should strictly dry the matter on light or heat because of that if the pattern has wet while you are cutting the thing there is possible to move the pattern. Now drill it you are needed. Where is your drawing is very condensed you should make a thin hole with a narrow bit.

Bottom Line

Pattern making and the setting is an integral part for successful scroll saw project. I hope, your job will be more comfortable to prepare the workpiece properly. Which things I could not describe in this lesson, you will get that information in others pages.

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